Server Installation

Our laboratory now is equipped with a robust CPU server featuring two Intel Xeon Gold 6346 processors and 512 GB of memory.

Furthermore, our research group has been generously endowed with three cloud FPGAs from AMD, including the VCK5000, U250, and U55C. The integration of these cutting-edge boards empowers us to delve into a multitude of captivating research avenues.

Before acquiring the cloud FPGAs, our research endeavors were bolstered by the presence of an embedded FPGA called Versal VCK190. This impressive platform boasts 400 AI Engines, an FPGA, and an ARM CPU, all integrated into a 7nm architecture. The VCK190 provides us with the unique advantage of conducting bit-level hardware customization on its FPGA, as well as byte-level customization on the dedicated AIE array. With its heterogeneous capabilities, the VCK190 serves as a valuable asset fueling our investigations into Customized Computer Architecture.

To facilitate remote access and deployment of new hardware prototypes, we utilize a Raspberry Pi to export the VCK190 to the public network. This setup enables us to seamlessly connect to the VCK190 and conduct experiments and testing from remote locations.